About Us

A leader in the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industry for over 40 years.

Founded by L.C. Meachum in 1977 in Durham, NC, ACR Supply Company, Inc. is primarily focused in the marketing and wholesale distribution of HVACR parts and supplies throughout central North Carolina. We also market various specialty products throughout the southeast.

Guiding Principles

Purpose: Why We Exist Build relationships. Impact lives. Glorify God.
Mission: What We Do Caring for People, Passionate about Solutions.
Vision: Our Desired Future State Secure future. Exciting culture. Eternal significance.
Values: The Family Principles That Guide Us Humble, Hungry,   Smart

Our Culture

Here at ACR Supply we are very intentional in how we go about building the right culture inside of our company. We have worked very hard over the last decade to create a work environment where our team members get up every morning and truly “want” to come to work. We have done this by building a strong foundation founded upon these four cornerstones: Mission, Vision, Values, and Behaviors. As we interact every day with associates, customers and vendor partners, we do so by keeping these four cornerstones in mind. It’s what everyone sees, hears, and experiences when they come in contact with ACR Supply. Annually we conduct a survey with every ACR team member and ask them to briefly describe the culture here at ACR Supply. To get a better glimpse of that culture, please take a moment to read some of the responses from our 2019 survey.

Here at ACR we believe that what we do is more than just a job!

A culture of servant leadership

A family atmosphere.

A family of people who are all growing together!

A good one where one can express his feelings and not feel judged.

A great place to work

A place where people care about each other.

A place where people come to work to serve our customers

A place where you want to get up and come to work.

A supportive workplace with a friendly culture

A team that cares about the success and growth of it's individuals as well as its customers.

ACR Supply has a culture where God is glorified through integrity, respect for each other and hard work in order to serve our customers.

Always seeking to change and better others.

Beliefs, attitudes, behaviors witch we use everyday

Build relationships, impact lives and glorify God.

Caring for it's employee's and customers.

Caring, friendly, & dependable team members and ethical & inspirational leadership. caring, fun, and productive

Christian mindset and values with exceptional teams and people.

Customer care

Customer focused, give purpose, serve others

Double standards


Everyone seems happy, intelligent, and trustworthy.

Everyone works together as a team/family.

Excellent. Conducting business with morality

Faith based

Faith based, while serving others



Family and associates come first

Family Strong

Family.  Sometimes you love your family, sometimes it annoys you, but it's always family.

Forever changing


Fun, high morale

Glass half full attitude

God customers and great team work


Good community of people to work with that value customer service and striving for excellence.

I am part of a special team, inside a nice family.

I believe the culture that ACR has tried to cultivate over the years has taken a hit recently. Maybe due to the company getting larger or not having the proper leadership in place. I don't hear a lot of the positive things happening, at least at the store level. Each department with in the company seems to work exclusively in and of itself,whereas in years past, we all seemed to be pulling in the same direction.

I think everyone has a great culture within there dept or stores.

I think the culture is waning.  People are feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated.

I would describe the culture at ACR as one with a high emphasis on meeting customer requests. We are not the cheapest supplier but I believe we have the best inside sales representatives in the area, which drives the customer experience. I think people have bought into that culture and enjoy the teams they work with. For the most part and on a consistent basis, I believe people truly enjoy coming to work each day and that is a noteworthy accomplishment for any leadership team.

It is a place where we are appreciated for our hard work and contributions to make the whole company succeed.

It is one of family and friends, caring about making sure each of us wants to come to work.

It is one that is about serving people, both inside the company and outside.

It stay true to the Mission of Glorify God

Culture is great and the people are friendly and helpful

it's a culture built on RESPECT and LOVE

It's a culture the demands my best, while simultaneously fostering growth.

Its a good place to work just sometimes very overwhelming.

Kind and helpful

Like no where else you’ll work.

lots of good people doing a great job!

On the whole people honor God.

One big family

One that fosters care for customers as well as associates

One that glorifies God and values its employees

Open communication,  straightforward  with what is expected  and open to feedback

Open, honest and, gossip free



Positive and uplifting.

Positive, company that values and cares about their employees

Respectful and caring

Serving God and customers

Spiritual and professional. I love my job and the people I work with.

Stays true to form


Teamwork oriented, fun, highly rewarding, and overall enjoyable place to work.

The culture @ ACR is friendly, transparent, and professional

The culture at ACR is customer focused and ethically driven.

The culture at ACR is like no other and I am proud to be apart of it.

The culture at ACR is very family oriented.

The culture on a store level is great, everyone gets along well. There is a disconnect between the store level and management. When calling for questions/assistance it comes across as a burden sometimes.


very good

Want to get up every morning and come to work.

we are a family

We are a family that works together to serve our customers at the highest possible level.

We have a culture of respect, honesty, and integrity. Every company has it's good and bad and ACR is no exception but GREAT far out way any of the bad.