About Us

A leader in the air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration industry for over 40 years.

Founded by L.C. Meachum in 1977 in Durham, NC, ACR Supply Company, Inc. is primarily focused in the marketing and wholesale distribution of HVACR parts and supplies throughout central North Carolina. We also market various specialty products throughout the southeast.

Guiding Principles

Purpose: Why We Exist Build relationships. Impact lives. Glorify God.
Mission: What We Do Caring for People, Passionate about Solutions.
Vision: Our Desired Future State Secure future. Exciting culture. Eternal significance.
Values: The Family Principles That Guide Us Humble, Hungry,   Smart

Our Culture

Here at ACR Supply we are very intentional in how we go about building the right culture inside of our company. We have worked very hard over the last decade to create a work environment where our team members get up every morning and truly “want” to come to work. We have done this by building a strong foundation founded upon these four cornerstones: Mission, Vision, Values, and Behaviors. As we interact every day with associates, customers and vendor partners, we do so by keeping these four cornerstones in mind. It’s what everyone sees, hears, and experiences when they come in contact with ACR Supply. Annually we conduct a survey with every ACR team member and ask them to briefly describe the culture here at ACR Supply. To get a better glimpse of that culture, please take a moment to read some of the responses from our 2018 survey.

Here at ACR we believe that what we do is more than just a job!

A culture of family

A culture that truly does try to serve others over self.

A customer focused culture of respect, open communication and, resolving conflict in a healthy manor.


ACR is a customer focused company that cares deeply about its employees.

ACR is a place that creates an environment where team members want to get up and come to work everyday. If you have ever dreaded going to a job, then you know why this is soooo important.

ACR is family and it is a place where you do not have to worry about weather or not you will have a job the next day if something happens in your life becasue ACR has your back no matter what

ACR's culture reflects our guiding principles.

Amazing couldn't ask for a better family.


Awesome culture when people buy in team work


Balance of team work and customer service - with integrity

Big Family


caring god based culture

Christ-centered, customer-focused, associate-friendly

Close family

Customer Focused


effective, diverse, accepted, encouraged

It feels like a family - all the staff are great to work with.employee and customer based, something on a level I haven't seen in previous jobs

Encouraging, supportive, and happy

Everybody acts like a big family and you can tell when we have meetings that everyone genuinely gets along

everyone willing to help

Excellent culture. It’s awesome being at a workplace where everyone actually wants to be at work and genuinely cares about the big picture


Family atmosphere. Everyone gets along great.

Family business

Family oriented, honest, ethical.


For me it's simple. It is a culture that loves people and makes a difference in their lives.


friendly atmosphere where you want to come to work

friendly, helpful, loving, Christ centered.


Good , place work like the people. healthy team work.

good culture that bring honor and glory to God

Great culture where everyone wants to help out and be apart of a team.

Great family atmosphere

Great work environment .

Happy, Happy Happy

Honest and trustworthy, very little drama

I believe that a culture has been built where people are treated and embraced like family. I have confidence that I can go to anyone at anytime and have a discussion, ask a question, or be vulnerable about my personal life.

I think of importance of family and God when I think of ACR.

I would describe the ACR culture as one of INTEGRITY. From that well, all the other characteristics of a great place to work flow.

I would describe the culture as Helpful and fun.

It is a good place to work that allows people to excel in their life through their work and outside life balance. There is a genuine care for employees well-being not just at work but outside of work too.

Its a second family

Its an awesome culture at ACR. Would be better if everyone followed it.

It's refreshing and attractive among all the other culture's in our industry.

It's tight-knit group of people who strive to make a difference in the marketplace and in the community.

Living and working for a common goal, to achieve success in business, work and play. To pay homage to God and give thanks for what we have.

loving and fun-loving; productive and professional.


One of family and friends.

One that values relationships with customers and team members alike.

Open and Caring

Our culture at work provides a road map for life.

Our culture is positive, forward thinking and we truly care about one another and the impact we have on each other's lives and each other's families.

People liking and respecting one another, with the end goal to satisfy our customers.

professional, unique, kind, smart, trust


Rewarding personally and professionally


take care of customer at all cost

The ACR Culture is phenomenal, I have never worked at a place like this before. Everyone seems to be very helpful, Family oriented and has a Purpose for doing whats best for ACR.

The culture at ACR is amazing I love the fact that the companies principal includes to glorify god.

The culture at ACR is one of serving customers first by working together and also by helping its employees to be better trained within their own fields.

The culture at ACR Supply is like we're all a family.

The culture has improved over the past few years.

The culture is not always applied the same

The culture of this company is awesome. Everyone is loved, and part of the team.

Unique, I treasure this place, best job I've ever had.

Values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors share each day at work.


Visionary leaders everywhere with a humble servant leadership mindset with a mission to fulfill God's purposes in our sphere's of influence while making a profit for the future! SEE BIG while thinking SMALL

We are a family that loves, cares for, and prays for one another and our communities.

We care for each other