If you’ve been around any of our eight ACR store locations for any length of time, you’ll know that we sell belts – a LOT of them. However, did you know that belts can be converted from 4L’s to A’s and 5L’s to B’s?

The math itself is simple.

If you are wanting to convert a 4L size to an A, then you subtract two inches within the item nomenclature. For example: a 4L230 will be an A21. If you are wanting to convert a 5L to a B, you would subtract three inches within the item nomenclature. For example: a 5L330 will be a B30.

What’s the difference between the two types of belts?

According to Gates Corporation has been specified that 4L’s and 5L’s are made for light duty fractional horsepower motors. They offer more overall flexibility due to the thinner build of the belt, while still having the same width and length to their counterparts.

In some cases, you may be able to replace the 4L and 5L belts with their A and B counterparts – the drive sheave size being the limiting factor. Generally speaking, the manufacturer says that as long as there is a 2 sheave set up with a 3″ diameter or higher for 4L’s, an A belt counterpart will do just fine. Furthermore, the 5L’s will need to have 5.4″ diameter or higher.

Thank you for choosing ACR Supply!

Kim Estes – Store Sales Associate Raleigh Team